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Guest Bath Reno

Our guest bath renovation was our first, full completed project in 2020! With some updates, we took this from an out-of-date 90s style bathroom, to a more modern bath that better fits our style. (scroll to the end to see the final version and a list of products used in the remodel).

The style of the bathroom started with this fun patterned floor tile that we found at Lowe’s. With a bold pop in the tile, we decided to keep the rest of the bathroom more modern and neutral. 

Floor Tile Decision

Here are some pics of me trying out the tile in the store and back at home to see what I thought! You can only imagine my husband’s embarrassment as I went out to lay out about 8 more of these so I can see a bigger area. Ha!





The floor tile was the one part of this bathroom that we hired contractors for.  We didn’t own a wet saw and truthfully didn’t want to invest in one for just two bathrooms, so we decided to hire someone to rip out the old tile and install the new.

New Baseboards, Door Trim, and Door

 After the floor tile was in, we moved on to putting in new baseboards, a new door, and new door trim. Let me tell you, switching out these was not as easy as one would think. While it isn’t difficult to do, it is very time consuming (and involves a lot of spackling and painting). We are extremely happy with all of the new baseboards, doors, and trim throughout the house, though, so I would still highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take on the project! 

Next step after the floor tile was adding in a free standing vanity from Lowe’s.  The old vanity was easy to demo and get out and we then just had to install the new vanity. This is definitely easier said than done. We knew we may have to move/adjust some of the plumbing but we didn’t think we’d be cutting out a large part of the back of the vanity to fit the old plumbing (insert eye rolling emoji here). Luckily, no one sees the back up against the wall, but I know it is a hot mess back there (and now all of you do too!) Either way, we got the vanity in, plumbing adjusted, and added the new faucet. I was instantly in LOVE!

Last step for this bathroom was then the new light fixture and installing the mirror. I loved the look of a round mirror with the vanity and I caught it on sale for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. If you are new to Hobby Lobby, if it is not on sale at the time you go, wait until the next week and it will be 50% off. The vanity lighting was ordered online via Wayfair and was also pretty affordable. 

The shelf was re-used from our previous house, but is still for sale at Hobby Lobby. All other decor and knick knacks are from a few years back as well.

Our guest bathroom is finally complete, and we are so thrilled with the outcome. If you are thinking about a remodel to update yours, we highly recommend it! 

List of Products Used 

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